What is this ‘sociological imagination’ you speak of?

Well, from what i’ve just about manage to get from attending those long 4pm lectures on a Monday afternoon, when i’m usually still recovering from the weekend, is that my so called ‘sociological imagination’ is pretty much just me asking myself ‘why?’ in my head to any action or behaviour I see that directly effects people, and then to keep repeating the question in my head over and over, thinking outside the box, until I run out of  valid responses. AND whilst at the same time I should almost stupidly criticise my own thoughts to the point where I end up asking if i’m stupid. Whilst simultaneously thinking about whether or not I have the right opinion or behaving in the correct way in order to run a peaceful society…and then trying to link all these three ideas into one big idea so we can understand our society better.

…and Jeff makes it look easy.

Anyway, I think I did manage to apply my sociological imagination to a few things I have seen around Nottingham. I feel that students (especially on Wednesday nights) are definitely the most interesting of age groups to look at and ask ‘why?’, and luckily there’s plenty of us in this city. I’ve decided to record my thoughts in this blog as my source file. This allowed me to go for a slightly less formal approach when sharing my thoughts, whilst still being able to give a detailed analysis of my findings.

So on we go with it then..



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